Beachy Keen: 6 Beautiful Coastal Interiors


This time of year is the best, isn’t it? There is something so refreshing about the sunshine coming into our windows early in the morning, and  still having sunsets until late in the evening. This time of year inspires us to seek out surroundings reminiscent of days at the beach, family vacations, and true serene calmness. Which is why we are posting our design theme nostalgic to these times.

Beachy Keen: Our Six Favorite Coastal Interiors


1. Tailored, Bright and Airy. This beautiful living room brings a touch of the outdoors inside with gorgeous wicker accents, coral decor and coastal inspired paint. Authentic Home’s Powder Greenpaint color from the Fresh Paint Palette is the perfect choice to get this look.


2. Elegant, Calming. The perfect first impression! It’s all in the details when it comes to implementing a coastal look in your interior. The straw hat and woven beach bag are the perfect added touch. Authentic Home’s London Fog Paint Color from the Elegant Paint Palette brings a rich, saturated feel to any space while inspiring the perfect beach look.


3. Cape Cod Comfort. The use of a woven natural fiber flooring paired with a bright, sunny color palette and palm leaves bring the beach inside. The comfortable chairs and extra upholstered accents make it feel like home.


4. Colorful Eclectic. Mixing and matching patterns and bright colors works best in climates with more sunlight. This beautiful room is a mix of fun and colorful paired with sophistication and comfort. 


5. Sophisticated Chic. This beautiful room is as chic as it gets. The subtle beach accents and cool color palette are softened by the natural fiber rug and upholstered chairs. The use of decorative coffee table candles always adds extra class.


6. Martha’s Vineyard Nautical. The use of navy blue and white is as nautical as it gets. This beautiful vignette shows us how it’s in the small things when it comes to beachy decor. The beautiful coral artwork and calm color palette make you feel like you’re truly on vacation.