Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper has gotten a bad wrap in the past with especially floral wallpaper in kitchens & bathrooms growing up but these days you can find some really great floral patterns.

A great spaces to use wallpaper in are smaller rooms: bedrooms, entryways and powder rooms.

Wallpaper on one wall of a bedroom is a great statement without feeling to overwhelming.


Floral wallpaper can tie together the colors of the room much like a rug does on the floor.

In these hallway spaces, the blue floral walls create interest in a space that might be just a walkthrough and typically overlooked.

There a literally thousands of floral wallpaper designs you can choose from which is great but can also be overwhelming.  If you’re in the market for wallpapering and need help deciding, email Kathy for help and set up a consultation today!