Summertime Picnics: 8 Essential Musts



There is nothing more relaxing than getting together with those you care about to go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air, while noshing on a carefully prepared meal. Picnicking is as old as time; the perfect way to get out in the elements and be present with yourself or those around you. This is why we have compiled all of the most important elements to creating the perfect picnic experience.

Summertime Picnics: 8 Essential Musts


1. The perfect picnic basket. Sturdy and well built is key. The best picnic baskets have two latched lids for easy access to both sides. The interior of the best picnic basket will have silverware holders and glassware holders built-in. Our recommendation? See this one, here.


2. Picnic Blanket and Pillows. It’s all about the backdrop! Besides choosing the perfect location for your picnic, it is essential to have a picnic blanket that is both durable and soft. Bring a couple of your retired throw pillows to relax and take in your surroundings.


3. Fresh Flowers. Having a fresh bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to set the tone for a relaxing picnic. The best way to come about a beautiful bouquet is to find one near your picnic location. No flowers? Substitute fresh rosemary sprigs or other vegetation nearby that fits your picnic theme.


4. Colorful, Flavorful and Fresh Spread. Since picnicking almost always involves a snack or meal of some sort, have fun with it! The best picnic foods include artisan cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies and nuts of other finger foods. The perfect bottle of wine is just an added bonus. For the perfect picnic menu, see here.


5. Refreshing Beverage. Enjoy the sunny outdoors with a refreshing scratch made drink. Fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade, or the perfect dry Rose will accent your experience with pure bliss. Tip: to keep beverages cold without toting an ice box, wrap it in frozen strawberries (still in package)- these will make the perfect garnishes while keeping your beverages cold.


6. Lighting is Everything. The most perfect picnics have beautiful sunny days followed by glowing sunsets. But then what? Bringing your favorite candles or battery operated string of lights will complete the ambiance of a relaxing day outdoors.

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7. Good Company. What’s a good picnic without enjoying who you’re with? Celebrate a sunny day with a close friend or family member. And, if you prefer a peaceful solo day, enjoying your own company always brings you back down to earth.



We hope you are having a fabulous summer! If you’re looking to revamp your space during these relaxing months, contact Kathy Banak for a consultation!