We've Got the Blues! Our Favorite Blue Interiors

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for another design for your home, and you truly adore the blue color? Fortunately we live in a world with endless options, but here are our favorites! You can integrate Blues into any interior, but the use of blue paint is another story!

If your desire is to have your living room to feel welcoming and full of life, then a highly saturated, vibrant blue would be a great choice for you. It will bring a sense of calmness to your space, while being intense enough to be a conversation piece.

If blue is your absolute favorite, you should go all out.  This type of blue cabinetry gives off a happy, light-hearted vibe. We are seeing a lot of split colored cabinetry in design now- a key piece of advice: keep the darker color on the bottom. This will make your kitchen feel larger!

Here’s another cutting edge kitchen- this one featuring all blue cabinetry.  The use of a warm wood like shown, balances the coolness of the blue, giving this kitchen a welcoming, warm vibe.

This charming restroom is by all accounts intended for a person of sophistication. The clawfoot tub, with its blue color and white legs recreates something reminiscent of the past with a hint of bohemian charm.

Navy blue is as classic as it gets. This rich, sophisticated color will bring a sense of intrigue while evoking a sense of peace and richness. The use of a high gloss paint creates a reflective surface that also makes the room appear larger.

If you are looking to add a blue hue to your space, always consider your environment. Rooms in climates that don’t receive a lot of sunlight can look depressed and unwelcoming if there is too much blue. Stick with blue colors that aren’t too warm, however; these can be over-stimulating and create a sense of anxiety.