The Bee's Knees: Tropical Prints

Tropical design has been a timeless look for many years and there is a reason for it. The nostalgia of vacation and happy times can be brought into your interior in a beautiful way that stands out! Here are some ways in which tropical patterns can be implemented into your home's interior in an elegant way.

1. Throw Pillows. Adding throw pillows to an otherwise neutral interior with tropical patterns give your space a fresh, organic and beautiful touch! 

2. Wallpaper. Implementing gorgeous tropical themed wallpaper to your smaller spaces such as your bathroom will provide a focal point and conversation piece.

3. Window Treatments. You can bring a piece of vacation memories into your home with the use of tropical patterns in your window treatments. If you're not a fan of busy patterned drapery, you can implement a tropical look with natural fabrics such as tweed.

4. Upholstery. Add a touch of whimsy to your interior with an arm chair patterned in fun, organic, tropical prints. 

5. Bedding. You can find beautiful bedding in tropical themes, reminiscent of your best days at the resort.

6. Tile. With all of the beautiful options out there, you can make a gorgeous statement with tropical tile in your baths and kitchen.