It’s Cold Outside! How to Warm Up Your Space

Warm up your interior during the cold season with a few easy interior design tips. There are so many amazing things about the cold season. Some of the amazing moments could be putting on cozy sweaters, wrapping yourself around your loved ones in front of a crackling fire, eating hot chocolate and so on. But the most interesting part is warming up your interiors without putting on the heater; and for this reason, we’ve compiled a list of few tips that can help you get your interiors warmed up this season without having to spend a fortune!

Wrap Up

Cold weather (winter) decor starts with a soft, cozy throw. This is the simplest  way to keep your interiors warm; you just need to add some new decor elements to your space. When it’s not in use, just wrap it around the back of your sofa or chair. Or you can fill a woven basket with varieties of blankets so that you have more than enough to go around.

Play With Texture

We are talking about layered rugs here. This creative tip of using layer rugs not only allows you use a rug that may not be the exact size for your space but also creates extra warmth underfoot through the texture of the rug; your bare feet will definitely appreciate this! Using layered rugs is just as an opportunity to play with texture.

Try a warm color palette

Some of these warm color palettes could give your interior the needed warmth it desires; they include rustic wood tones, pops of pumpkin, deep burgundies, mustard yellow and so on. You neither need a complete renovation of the house nor buy a new set sofa to get your interior warmed up. For a perfect result, you can incorporate any of these too; new throw pillows, coffee table vignette, a lamp or some decorative items for your bookshelf.

Create a cozy reading zone

Winter and fall are undoubted, great seasons to stay indoors and relax with a good book. And of course, your living room sofa is just perfect for that!  But you can as well create a space for a warm reading niche just by the corner of your home. Place an upholstered bench or chaise in a bay window so that it becomes a cozy place to unwind after hours. Alternative, you can decorate the place with a window seat, pillows and a soft throw blanket. You’d love it.

Light a Fire

Good for you if you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home. But if you have none, a few candles will help decorate your space in a similar radiance. You’d enjoy the warm atmosphere better if the candles are seasonally scented with  pumpkin or cinnamon spice.  There’s a sense of nostalgia that comes with smell (no pun intended!)