2016 Design Trends!


As our lives become fast paced with hectic schedules, at the end of the day, we would like to relax at home in a serene and calming atmosphere akin to a sanctuary. In the year 2016, interior design experts have concluded that interior design trends are likely to be characterized by warm room colors, stylish house fixtures and furniture and use of texture here and there.

Some of the 2016 current trends in Interior Design include the following:

 Heated house entry floors
Bathrooms are the first thing that comes to mind when heated floors is the subject. By applying this technology onto the floor of entryways, it becomes even more suitable especially during the winter where an inviting warm indoors will provide a solace away from the freezing outdoors.


Marble touches
Marble has become one of the most popular materials that are used in interior design. Marble is increasingly being used to add some luxurious feel on household’s objects like candleholders, planters, coasters and clocks.


Stylish bathroom mirrors
Bathroom mirrors need not to be in that traditional and ever boring rectangular shape. Different shapes and styles have been adopted to transform these pieces into design statements that can add some oomph to an often overlooked space like the bathroom.


 Kitchens mixed materials
Our beloved kitchens are also moving away from the often traditional polished look to a more eclectic vibe. Instead of using one or two materials, homeowners are incorporating different design styles to create more personalized spaces in the kitchen.


Warm metals
Brass, copper and gold have continued to dominate inside kitchens and bathrooms. Such metals when paired with natural and raw materials like wood and marble create a good combination when they are used in interior spaces.


Black stainless steel
Instead of the commonplace shiny silver electrical house appliances, the trend of the moment is the use of black stainless steel to make these gadgets.


Rough touches
The adding of some rough texture on an otherwise conservative object has the potential to bring out an unexpected intrigue and touch to the senses. The use of wallpapers that bring out a rustic and aging look has also been popular this year.


Floral prints
Interior designers have predicted an even growing popularity with floral fabrics used on furniture like sofas and on curtains.
With the aforementioned designing styles and many others that have been used with a lot of great results, it remains to be seen what more will be in the offing as far as interior designing is concerned.