Brown-November Paint Color of the Month


The world of interior design is filled with lots of colors trends that change every year but there is always at least one color that fits the season. Brown is a color I most associate with November because it gives an excellent warming and cozy effect as the weather is definitely colder.



Here at Authentic Home we are not afraid to put brown in any room as we have painted living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchens and entry ways in brown shades. Perhaps that is why we have so many different shades of brown. With our 12 shades of brown you will find the best one for any project in your home.


Brown is the color equivalent to a warm hug, it’s inviting and welcome in every kind of room, from modern to the most traditional.


Brown in the bedroom creates a warm and cozy sleeping space.


Brown is also a great earthy color to paint your dining room.


And of course, it’s a soothing color to paint a bathroom, especially if you have a soaking tub to relax!


Contact Kathy Banak for your color consultation and let her pick out the best brown colors for your Authentic Home!