Eclectic Decor- Get the Look!


We’re seeing it everywhere- eclectic design is the bee’s knees in 2016! A mix-match of randomness that somehow seems to all pull together. Ever wondered how designers can take a variety of seemingly unrelated items and make them work together in a beautiful yet cohesive way? Well, here’s how!

Eclectic Decor- Get the Look!


1. Stick with a color palette. It’s true! If you have a variety of decor that is completely unrelated, you can get a designer look by keeping them within the same general color palette. Color is one of the easiest ways to pull an otherwise mismatched space together.


2. Group like items together.  It’s a “psychological thing.” Our minds desire to see like things placed together. When several similar items are placed in a grouping like the sconces, books and pillows in this room, our minds categorize them, making it appear less busy. If you have a lot of something, display it together! This will surprisingly make your space feel less cluttered, and well, eclectic.


3. Be Selective. When purchasing decor for your space, choose items that are unique- this will truly give you that eclectic look.


4. Let the architecture do the work. Whether you live in a rustic old or streamlined modern building, the key is to let the beauty of the architecture stand out. Bring in key pieces that mean something to you. Keep a neutral palette. Mix old and new, and let the sunlight in! This will naturally highlight the beauty of your space.



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