We’re Feeling Blue- And It’s A Good Thing


I am sure you have noticed blues making a strong debut in the design world. After the past couple of years implementing gray palettes, blue just made sense. Blue and gray as a team, are the perfect combination. We are seeing blue patterns in rich fabrics, blue interior and exterior paint palettes, and blue wall coverings and decorative accents everywhere… and this is just the beginning of this newly rediscovered color’s comeback. 

If you are familiar with Authentic Home’s Kathy Banak’s style, you know that she uses a lot of soft blue hues in her designs. Blue is such a universal, approachable, and peaceful accent that it’s a no wonder that all of Kathy’s designs have an overwhelming calm and serene vibe.

We’re Feeling Blue: Our Favorite Design Elements



Pictured Above: A Mercer Island Home’s Kitchen Remodeled by Authentic Home uses gorgeous blue hues in both the paint and fabrics.

Blue Fabrics. The use of beautiful patterned blue fabrics in throw pillows, window treatments, and other linens can really pull a space together. Geometric and artisan patterns are making their debut currently, but you often see beautiful floral prints and more traditional patterns in award winning interiors.


The beautiful Robert Allen Blue La Palma upholstery pictured below is reminiscent of Eastern ancient patterns seen often in Polynesian and Asian designs in the past- the rich pattern and texture is classic, timeless, and rich. You could implement this pattern into your throw pillows, drapes, or even wall coverings.


Blue Wallcoverings. The gorgeous natural grass blue wall paper pictured below brings forth a sense of grandeur and richness into this space. Mixing several patterns and textures of blue in your interior give it a cohesiveness and peaceful feel visually.


The beautiful blue Kravet wallpaper from their Heirloom India collection pictured below is classic, timeless, and sophisticated. You could specify this pattern in a powder room or a room smaller in size, or pair it with less patterned furnishings in a larger space.


Blue Paint. There is psychology in the color of paint you use. Spaces painted in cooler colors such as blues and grays tend to give the occupant a sense of calm, peace, and serenity. Warmer tones such as beiges, reds, and browns will give your space a warm, welcoming feel. We are seeing beautiful saturated color palettes in design trends currently, and rich navy hues are a sophisticated, rich option for your interior.


This Persian Blue color, from the Authentic Home Playful Color Palette is rich, saturated, and will truly make a statement.


Persian Blue

Blue Decorative Pieces. When you mix and match various color patterns, hues, and textures, you create a visually beautiful design that is both cohesive and elegant.


Pindler fabrics have beautiful selections, such as the Nebula Sapphire pictured here. This would be absolutely gorgeous on a side chair or window treatments.


Blue Exterior Accents. There is nothing more elegant and classic than the application of blue in your home’s exterior. We are now seeing gorgeous blue entry doors and paint trim in design, but one of the easiest ways to implement this gorgeous color is through the use of throw pillows, upholstery, and pottery.


The beautiful door and matching bench pictured below, was selected by Kathy Banak using Authentic Home’s Glacier paint color,  to give an extra pop of color to their newly refreshed exterior.



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