Peaceful Bedroom Retreat

I recently had a client just outside of Seattle who was looking to brighten and refresh her bedroom space. It’s been said that when you wake up in a clutter free, fresh, calming space, it can set the tone for the rest of your day. It was with this project that I kept this in mind, wanting to create a tranquil, peaceful, and zen-like place for my client to retreat to whenever she deemed necessary.

The previous bedroom was simply decorated, with a neutral, yet cool color palette. While this bedroom had an overall calming feel to it, the space needed just a bit of TLC to really pull it together.  The beautiful roof line of this home adds visual interest to this bedroom, and the simple baseboards and paned window details provided the perfect clean palate to work with.

A fresh, bright and clean color palate is the perfect way in which you can create a calming, restful, and peaceful bedroom space. The beauty of using soft colors is that it is timeless, classic, and approachable while maintaining a richness that will carry over for years to come.