Unclutter! The First Step to Welcoming Spring

Unclutter! The First Step To Welcoming Spring

Many homes around the world do spring cleaning because this is the perfect time to clean from top to bottom. However, nothing will ever feel clean if it is still cluttered because it is difficult to get all the dirt out if there is clutter in your way. So to unclutter is the first step to truly clean your home and is environmentally friendly at the same time. 
To start with, focus on the small space and organize it before you go to the larger space. Start by removing items in this space and create four piles of the clutter, the ones you want to: keep, donate, recycle and toss. Consider to:

When you start to unclutter, you will find that there are many items you can compose. Items like cardboard and shredded papers can be composted. If you don’t have a bin in your home, you can take them to your local compost centers.

Your used items can be of much help to others than throwing them. Donating them help in keeping them out of landfills and they can be of value to another person. Consider things like furniture, linen, clothes, electronics and more when sorting out your clutter.

Scan Files
Instead of storing too many files, clutter them scan and store the important one digitally. Use tools like Neatdesk for organizing your files. It eliminates clutter, saves time and eco-friendly.

As you are cluttering, can you repurpose some items? Can you use them for other needs in your home? This saves you some few dollars you would spend on new items that will add more clutter to your home later. Old cans can make a great pen holder or paper clip storage, you can use a cardboard box as a file storage or shoe box to organize your pantry.

Just having a good look at your clutter, you might be surprised by how much you can recycle. Use your local recycling center for things like batteries, scrap metal, electronics, papers or plastics.

Once you have uncluttered your clutter in an environmentally friendly way, it’s time to get down and do the dirty work. There are chemical you can use for this work, but it's good if you use natural cleaners for safety and stay healthy. With clutter gone, clean your home from top to bottom to have a refreshed, renewed home and be ready for the warmer months.