Our Predictions 2017: What's Next in the Design World

We never thought that the oh-so-popular burgundy walls of the 90's would ever see the end of their popularity. We sometimes forget when we design our spaces to consider whether or not designs will be timeless- visions that will not seem dated later on. 

On that note, we thought it would be fun to try and predict what will become in style this year in the world of Interior Design... here are the six things we believe will make their debut this year!

1. Pale Color Palettes. While we have seen pastels in Interiors since the beginning of time, we are already seeing them make a major comeback in both modern and traditional spaces. Pale pinks paired with grays and blues are seen all over the design world right now!

2. Green is the New Gray. Considering "Greenery" has been chosen as Pantone's Color of the Year, it only makes sense that their marketing campaigns will be flashing this gorgeous hue all over the design world!

3. Streamlined molding not painted white. We are already seeing this new trend. Baseboards and molding that are simple in style, not ornate. Painting these details a light gray color, or any other color than the traditional white is already becoming very popular in the design scene.

4. Navy Blue! Beautiful variations of dark blue are being used in newly designed spaces. This timeless hue gives your space a classic, rich, bold and sophisticated look. 

5. Bold Accent Pieces. We love scouring through Pinterest to see what the latest is when it comes to decor. There is nothing more beautiful than a non-traditional color being showcased in a neutral space.

6. Eclectic Wallpaper. There is nothing more visually fun than a room adorning an eclectic wall pattern. We are seeing gorgeous wall coverings reminiscent of past times all over the design market, and we can see why!